Gmod Semi-Serious Rp Help

So right now I have a coder, a Minecraft community with a big player base (and Gmod playerbase out of that of course), Plenty of money to invest in the project, and server management experience. I am pretty much looking for some one to help me with the project (Advertising/staff management/Ideas) and another Lua coder (Some experience needed, even just someone to help my other coder with configing would help). I can pay if needed, I will also make who I deem worthy staff.Please contact me via Skype: Danlie1234 or Steam: Danlie1 . Thanks for your interest guys

Any one interested?

No one replied to your first thread, why would they reply on a second thread with the same question? I would recommend going on codehire.

I am not exactly sure what type of gameplay or philosophy of play you are aiming at, but feel free to contact me over Steam or Skype -
Skype is JoeySkylynx or