Gmod sending client info crash

So when I finally am able to get Gmod open, it decides to crash yet again. It will almost get in game and say “sending client info” and then it’ll crash and take me back to desktop. No error message. I reinstalled gmod (4th time in 2 days) and that seemed to do nothing aswell. Anyone else having this? Anyone know a fix? I try joining a singleplayer game first then join my selected server and that still doesn’t work for me. HELP!

Tried this fix :
Didn’t work!

Also someone said try to stay in single player for 30 minutes before joining a server, Also didn’t work!

Ok, i think this is actually a problem with something else in your computer, but im willing to answer it here.

Step 1: Gather the following resources…
You will need a USB thumb drive that you can reformat.

Step 2: Download memtest86 and install it on your thumb drive.

Step 3: once installed, boot to this thumb drive. Refer to your pc’s operation manual on how to access the boot menu at your BIOS Post Screen.

Step 4: Wait patiently. If red lines at the bottom of the screen pop up, this means you have faulty ram, thus implying you need to replace your ram. Only 1 stick may be faulty, however I would recommend repeating the test for each individual stick of RAM (not recommended for someone who doesn’t know what they are doing).

Step 5: If you have identified the faulty ram, check for warranty. For instance, Corsair RAM all come with lifetime warranties. However, if you purchased your PC pre-built, take it back to the store at which you purchased it and tell them there has been a fault. They will replace your pc wtihin 2 weeks, and all should be working fine.

However, if you dont have faulty ram, this could be a hard drive near death, fragmented files, etc etc etc. Defrag your hard drive, run chkdsk on it at some point, and clear up clutter on your drive. I recommend making sure you have at least 1/10th of your hard drive empty.

Also, check you have updated your OS. There could be an update that would fix this. Check all your display drivers are up to date, and ensure there are no anti-viruses interfering with hl2.exe.

Let me know if any of this helps you.

How would this be an issue if an hour earlier I was able to play just fine?

Ram can fail at any moment. Same thing happened with my pc the other day.

This is the worst fucking advice I’ve ever heard. Nathaniel, can you join servers on any other Source game (CSS, TF2, etc.)?

In my defense code, i am half asleep, and it sounds identical to what my pc went through the other day… faulty ram.

Let me check real quick.

Edit: Yup just checked. I can join CSS Servers.

I can play every one source game besides GMod. It’s not RAM Failure lol… Got any ideas code?

When you reinstalled, did you manually delete the GMod folder?

No I did not, But I removed the cache folder one time.

Just delete (or cut and paste somewhere if you want to save custom content) the entire Garry’s Mod folder and reinstall.

Alright, I’ll try it out

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Didn’t work, still crashes.

Hello i had this problem a while back and adding (-dxlevel 91) to the launch Option’s fixed it for me so try adding it to your Launch Option’s and see if it work’s for you.

  1. Go to your Steam Library

2.Right click Garry’s Mod

3.Click Properties

4.Now you should see a tab called SET LAUNCH OPTIONS… click that

5.Put this in there -dxlevel 91

If it dose not work try -dxlevel 80 or -dxlevel 95 i know a lot of player’s use -dxlevel 90 coz they think it’s better for some reason but try it out and see if it work’s.

-dxlevel 95 works, use that. -dxlevel 91 is outdated.

I’ll try those thanks guys. GMod just worked for me last night. Gonna try in 10. Just for home from work