Gmod sequel ?

I know that there is a gmod sequel in the works, but does anyone know when it will possibly get released ?


It’s not even known to be in progress; it’s just been announced as being a possible future project of Facepunch.

i’ve seen a game news website talk about it, and a “AMA” by a gmod dev if i recall

This is literally all that has been given out:

Robotboy655 (the guy who made a ama thread if i remember) is talking in a way that heavily implies there will be a sequel

“GMod 2 is sure as hell won’t be running on Source 1.”

but i guess nobody knows when it’ll be out

thanks for the link doe

He’s just saying that if there’s a sequel, it won’t be on Source 1. Doesn’t really say much else.

Also, how big can maps be on source 2 ?