Gmod server accounts site integration

Hi everybody. So i’m trying to make a Gmod server, i’m using Farmer’s Server Installer Tool 3.9, and I remember some servers required users to register on their website and use the username and password they registered with to log into the server, or vice versa. How do i do that? I will use SMF forum script for my website, and i guess i have to integrate my Gmod server database with my forum’s MySQL database, is that right? Is there a script for this or do i have to do it manually? Please help me, any suggestions are more than welcome.

P.S. I’m very sorry if this has been answered before, but i cannot use the search function because oddly enough only moderators and gold members are allowed right now.

You query to check if they’re already linked with an account. If they’re not, then request a username and password. Take a checksum of the password (MD5 / whatever your forum uses) and then query the website database to insert them.

Alternatively, you can use OpenID and require them to log in with it when creating an account.

Thanks FlapJack for the response, but i’m gonna need more help with it. I only know the basics of PHP and MySQL, so i can’t really write the codes to query what you told me to by myself. Another thing, what do i use on the server to require users to register or log in?

Lua for everything to do with the server. I don’t have an awful lot of experience in this section of stuff, so I won’t be of much help.

In other words you want somthing like in perp2 where you register to a forum ingame

SQL database.

This will be a 100% custom job - I will be able to do all of this for you, but I wouldn’t be able to do it for free as I have other projects. PM me if you’re interested.

Thanks everybody for your answers, but i thought there would be some kind of script or addon to do this, now that i know i have to do this manually, i don’t think it’s worth the hassle. I’ll just invite people to join the forum in the MOTD.