Gmod server addon issue

Hi! I am having difficulties on my gmod server with getting the addons to work. One method i tried was running the server with an auth key for my collection but all that happend was there were errors and it couldn’t download or mount some addons. I tried converting the addons to files and putting them on my server but more errors in console and when i went on server only a few addons showed up and the addons dissapeared from my gmod addons folder. I also tried the renaming the addons to ds.(number).gma and putting them in my gmod servers addon folder but no addons showed up on server.

To be more clear on all of this, let me number my methods.

Method 1: ran server but with +host_workshop_collection added in.

Error: No addons showed up on the server, and some couldn’t download.

Method 2: Convert addons to files with gmad converter and put them into addons folder on server.

Error: Only a few addons showed up when I joined the server/addons dissapeared from addons folder. Lots of errors in console.

Method 3: Rename addons to ds.(number).gma

Error: They did not show up on the server

Information: Server is running on linux with steamcmd.

I am at the end of my rope and I need help. Sorry for my grammer.

  1. You also need to provide a Steam API key. I will need a full console log when using this method to give you any info

  2. You did it wrong, you should not do that

  3. it’s ds_(id).gma (underscore, not a dot). This “method” is supposed to be used with first method.

  4. If you want to load custom .gma’s, but them into a folder inside addons folder, for example:

Hi Robotboy! I actually did use an api key, and it didnt work. And i also did do the ds_(id).gma, and it didnt work. I was kinda in a rush making this post so sorry for not explaining better. I would just like a better description on the 4th method you showed me?