Gmod server by Lesh Build | Wire | PHX | Stargate | Jumper

Hey guys …
i want to advertise you our server.
It 's a nice one :wink:


Click here to join](steam://connect/
[release]We got following addons:

  • Wire (+ Wire extras )
  • Avons Stargate Mod ( + Extras )
  • Jumper ( With shields and additional Wire in/outputs )
  • Half working model clipping for stargates (I think we are the only ones :wink:)
  • Many Stargate Extras ( Like certain things of carters pack )
  • Spacebuild Models + tools ( without weapons) ^
  • LS3 + RD
  • PHX3
  • some other things

[release]Why join us?

  • Because we are fair to every player
  • You can get a high rank easily
  • We got model clipping :smiley:
  • Its fun to play on our server

And many other things :slight_smile:


I would be glad if you join our server :wink:


Found some useful stuff for ya


And a link that auto joins your server:

I’m joining in 2 sec, I will say how it was when I’m done.

ok thank you :wink:

now what do you think about our server ?

I couldn’t connect for some reason.

thats strange.
was it online at that time ?

Gonna go connect now.

in last time we had problems with our server (many crashes without restart)

everything is fixed now … have fun :wink: