Gmod Server constently being DDOSED and\or Flooded.

I’m currently trying to help resolve a friends server problem, someone in the server keeps changing there ip and will flood the server with things like this
if he is banned. It is a different IP every time for the split packet.

NET_GetLong: Split packet from with invalid split size <number -1/ count 3> where size -1 is out of valid range [564 - 1248 ]

If this is some kind of exploit or something else and there is a way for it to be fixed, It would be useful. If you need more info let me know.

EDIT: Turns out every ip is a different CS 1.6 server?

Don’t panic, just contact the serverhost for a filter.

People like to be dicks and D/DoS servers for the dumbest reasons. Don’t let it get to you. Happens all the damn time to my server.