Gmod Server DarkRP - Floating Guns/Money

So I decided to make a DarkRP gmod server, Ive ran into many problems along the way but Ive figured most of them out. One problem however is what the title says, Any weapon I spawn in is floating, same with money.
A few things you should know:

-I am hosting the server by myself
-I have CSS installed on the server and put it in the orangebox folder
-Gun license needed IS disabled
-I am mentally retarded in this area because Ive never hosted a Gmod server before

Picture? I mean while it isn’t necessarily NORMAL, this also isn’t something that is necessarily fixable unless you are able to narrow down the possible cause of it first. It could be any of your addons, can you still use and move it?

Well Ive searched on google quite a bit and it seems its because the Models/Materials hasnt been installed correctly. THough Ive done everything Ive been told to.

You have to make sure Counter-Strike: source is installed. It is required on both serverside and client side for darkrp to work properly.

Like I said “-I have CSS installed on the server and put it in the orangebox folder”

Any ideas on how to fix it? D:

What CSS folder do you have in orangebox exactly?

I put the main CSS folder in it, the one where I installed CSS itself to.

If you are running it through SRCDS, can you paste the batch file contents you are using to update it? If you are using a control panel, use the steam update!

you have to put the cstrike folder in the orangebox folder

This is the code I have for CSS:
hldsupdatetool -command update -game cstrike -dir C:\SRCDS\Servers\cstrike


you need to put models and materials folders from cstrike to garrysmod folder this worked for me in GMod 12 idk about GMod 13

materials? I dont seem to have a materials folder in my cstrike folder, could that be the problem?

did you installed css into the server? if not thats your problem

Which folder is CSS in? If it is not in orangebox/, move it there.

I installed CSS into a folder outside Orangebox and moved it in afterwards.


The folder for Counter Strike: Source should be called cstrike. So the path to that folder should be


and in the cstrike folder there should be bin, cfg, classes etc.

I’m not sure if this is what you’ve done, but you weren’t exactly clear when you said

Let me know if this fixes it :smiley:

The folder I installed CSS into was indeed named: cstrike