GMOD Server DARKRP Job Problem


    I have recently created my own server with svn darkrp installed all correctly, however, there is one slight problem.

I have the latest DarkRP download from SVN and when i type in my console (for the server startup)
changegamemode rpw_downtown_v3 darkrp
It all loads fine.
I go onto my server and everything LOOKS okay, i then try to become a CP, and all it does is type in the text talk
" /CP. "
This happens for EVERY job, example i try to become a gun dealer, all it does is write in the text box down in the bottom left " /gundealer. " (No Quotations).

This also happens with the Money Printer too, same thing " /buymoneyprinter. " And actually doesn’t do ANYTHING!
I would also like to know how to remove this Grammar mod thing, many people have complained about it and i would like to remove it if possible. It would be fantastic if you could help me solve the Job/Moneyprinter problem. If anything else wrong, i will inform.



It also doesn’t let me add doors to cops and mayor only, also doesn’t let me spawn some entities (Alchohol, Acid etc) or weapons(p228 etc), says they’re unavailable.

i’m not the one to ask, because i probably can’t help you, but it would be easier if you posted:
Other Mods

Fix the LUA files.

Okay, so how exactly do i fix the lua files?
Also, which files is it i need to fix, if people could be more specific please it would really help me out.

The map is rpw_downtown_v3
I have conna’s tools, Wire mod and PC mod 2.04 (Sorry if that’s the incorrect version)
But the thing is, it was still a problem before i installed those.


I have the same problem on my DarkRP server.

I read, that something is wrong with the sv.db file…

I deleted it and still the same…

The console doesn’t show any error’s.

So i would be happy if somebody would help me and that other guy out… Thank’s.

Maybe you’ve got other mods/files that are conflicting with the DarkRP files. Otherwise, try re-installing all RP files, make sure you have the newest DarkRP files. Hope that works

Your are my Hero, you save’d my server from being empty!!!

It work’s …

What i’ve done:

1.Delete’d all DarkRP file’s.
2.I had ASSmod installe’d and i though this could be the problem… (In-game it showed error’s too)
3.Reinstalled DarkRP and Delete’d ASSmod

Finish… Everything work’s…

I think DarkRP + ASSmod can’t be used at the same time. I think they use the same command’s or configuration’s something like that…

Thank you again…

I think the shared.lua/addentities.lua files aren’t scripted correctly. Go to them and see if you’ve left out any character. Just one missing bracket and it all goes to hell.