Gmod server error (mismatch)

Whenever people join my server they get
Disconnect: Kicked by Console : "Mismatch: zombiesurvival\gamemode\zs_options.lua

My server was working good, but i got fast download. And it works great, except when it downloads zs_options.lua i don’t know what it does but it gives them a mismatch version, and the gamemode isn’t even in the fast download list so i don’t know how this is happening.

Here is the files…etc

I got it to stop giving me mismatch but now i get this,

The gamemode seems to just break because of fast download

Don’t you need to upload your cache to the sv_downloadurl location?

Even the dua files?


Go here it shows all my files.

Yeah, the dua is the cache.

Hmm i figured out that the gamemode zs just won’t work, all others on the server like sandbox work fine. So i guess i’ll go reupload zs to the server


Yeah, reuploading it didn’t do shit, can someone tell me why zs would be the only gamemode messed up out of all of them. This makes no fucking sense.

Post those Files with lua inside it and put [lua ] tags around the code [/lua ]


I got it to work, not sure how i did it. I think i was missing downloadcache in cache which messed it up, as soon as i put that there it worked. Thanks.