Gmod Server Fast DL help

How do i set up a fast download server i already have the server and addons i want but i want the addons an crap to be fastDL because lots off ppl complain to me “omg it takes so long to get in here!” an its getting annoying an im loosing players so plz help

You need a web server. Once you have webspace, upload all of the files you want your clients to download (and I mean all of them, even the cache folders or your server will spit an error at you).

Then go into your server.cfg and put:

sv_downloadurl “url of webspace”

Remember that if it’s a custom model or something like that you need to add it to the resource.lua.

That is not existent by default, go into lua/autorun/server and create a new file, name it resource.lua

Then, you must manually add every custom file you want your clients to download, like this:

resource.AddFile("<completely file path here>")

There is an easier way, to add by directory, for that, go here:

yea but how do i upload the files?

FTP. Your webserver provider should give you all that information necessary.

You know the path, does it have to be garrysmod/models or only models/
for all files in the model directory?

For setting up a new server, i have everything all set except users download the server files from the server at 20 kb/s. I am trying to set up a new fast DL server using FTP. I have the filezilla FTP server installed on the same computer that the garrys mod server runs on. I can access the gmod server files from from the local system, but I cant access the FTP files using my external IP. I’ve port forwarded all ftp requests to the server’s internal IP but still no luck.

Is using the setup I have even possible? Thank you for your reply.

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