Gmod server (final)

I made up my mind that I will not be buying a server.

VPS vs Game server hosts

What are the advantages for each?
I am planning on hosting 2 TTT servers
I would like the service to be very cheap with quality recources.

Someone please help me figure out what service package is best for me

Oh and how do I delete the other thread?

Game server hosts = pay per slot, one server
VPS = one machine (virtualized), install however many gmod servers you want on it, as long as it can run them, put a teamspeak/mumble and a webserver on it too for good measure, make it host everything. mine costs $12 a month, can run two servers and that other stuff.

Thanks for quick reply!
May I ask what service you use?


however, if you want ddos protection (which i don’t understand how that would work on a non-http service) you’ll most likely have to go to a game server host

I see that with vps you pay by resource.
How much ram do you need to run 2 ttt servers and how much bandwidth is need for 2 32 slot ttt servers that are let’s say average 75% full all the time? Also do I need a cpanel?

1 last thing- minimum cpu requirements for 2 32 slot ttt servers.

I can figure the rest out myself I think.


yes, but it’s shared with others if you don’t want to pay a premium
since srcds is single core, trying to get a high clockrate server would probably be good, i don’t have experience with high load servers there, so i can’t really give you any advice there

bandwidth as in speed? usually you get at least 100mbps, which is more than enough.
if you mean bandwidth as in mb/month allowed? if you don’t host fastdl on it it’s negligible

I mean bandwidth usage a month sorry

well it really depends on how much content you’re going to distribute from it, srcds itself won’t take anything

i have gigs of chat sounds, clothes and misc textures to download on the fly, it’s not that bad
it’s unmetered, with a fair use policy

Both servers will have a good amount of players models addons etc. I might add hatschat2. Will 2tb of monthly bandwidth shared between both servers be enough

if you’re gonna be hosting that on fastdl, just calculate how many new players are gonna download the data and how big it is

So the bandwidth has nothing to do with the server itself?

Also how much ram is needed to host 2 32 slot ttt servers @same time relatively full?

it sends movement packets back and forth, the speech might be the only hog, it’s not gonna touch your limit

2gb for the srcds’s at least

So 2Gb of ram and 3tb of bandwidth /mo should be enough?

Also 2 modern E5 cores @ 2.3ghz would be enough, I assume.

I might send you pms about the Teamspeak and webserver strategy as it seems great.

3tb is extremely overkill, i doubt you’ll use even a third of it

i’m not a personal helpdesk, sorry. you’ll have to look up installing a distro and packages etc

So 2Gb should be fine?

now that’s probably stretching it on the low end if you want www content
you’ll just have to do tests yourself, see how much you would use in a production scenario

Thanks man.

Opinion on subject from others would be appreciated. If you use a vps plz tell which one you use

Thanks for the mention :). We (afterburst) now have basic protection in Miami LA and NY. 3gbps best effort LA and Miami, 10gbps best effort NY. We aren’t advertising it heavily as we don’t want it to become a key feature of our service (resulting in frequent or large attacks).

I’m getting confused now on the ram issue. I have seen other threads suggesting only 512mb per server should be enough. I would really need a clarification on this.

That’s usage for srcds. A vps also needs ram for the operating system and anything else you want to run.