Gmod server help? i'm frustrated...?

when my friend tries to join me by clicking “join game” - server not responding, changing ip in console to “ip (my-ip)” then he puts in console “connect (my-ip)” - “somthing” 4 trys (i don’t remember what it said excactly…) i have port forwarded 27015 TCP/UDP and 27020 TCP/UDP when i start server i type in console “sv_lan 0” “heartbeat” and “sv_kikk-(somthing)” that prevents kick by lua. no matter what i try it says the same! does anyone have any suggestions?? thnx a head :slight_smile:

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Are you sending him your internal or external IP? For future reference, Help & Support questions goes here.

Make sure you port forward 27015. You can get your external ip from Tell your friend to type connect yourip:27015 to join.

i tried what you said but still not working…

anything else i could try??