Gmod server help with Hackers

HELP. I need help. I’m seriously crying now. I’ve had enough. Hackers coming on to my TTT server, and hacking it. Someone please help. Pretty much, they’ll come on, kick admins, a few players suddenly get aimbot, they mess with ULX settings, ban people, spam pornographic images on everyone’s screens, play music that is not part of the server or map. I’ve tried FrostCheatEngine, did not work. Nothing else works.

Please help, something. Anything to stop this. I’ve had to change the IP of the server twice because of this, and had to do clean installs on all of them.

Stop the Server, Ban this People and wait 2 Days Report them and make a Video of this.

They probably have your RCON password, change it.

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Or you might be running some malicious code that grants them a backdoor, who knows.

if you’re doing clean installs, yet they’re still getting access. Wouldnt this be a source exploit? Like they’re fucking up a vanilla TTT?

I bet they are using the good ole’ find the RCon password in the Fast DL folder trick.

Might be, altho I still think they got RCON

If they are taking control of VANILLA ttt, then im fairly sure

a. new exploit?
b. rcon is being posted somewhere
c. ttt is glitched? though im p sure there is nothing exploitable about ttt

Rcon is not posted to anything but server.cfg. They’re hiding their SteamIDs and using VPNs.

there is an old glitch that lets you steal the server.cfg through an upload… iirc

They’re using sv_upload sv_download?

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I’m a custom server, I can’t shut those off…

open server.cfg and do rcon_password “”

It should stop rcon.

if they’re doing this through lua, you’re free to use my AC I sell. I’ll refund you if it doesnt stop the attacks.

It looks like LUA, it’s kinda complex. How much is the AC?

$10, but like I said. If it doesnt work, I’ll refund you in full.

I might. Thanks

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Bought. Will insert and see if the hacker tests it.

just make sure to disable RCON entirely – if you’re using fastdl, make sure that your cfg folder is not on the fastdl

How do I do that

RCON: go to your server.cfg and under rcon_password “rconpasshere”, remove the contents between the quotes

for fastdl, it depends on your server host.