Gmod Server Host?

I need a host that has slots for under a dollar, and accepts direct credit cards (No PayPal). Thanks!

NFO is $0.99 per slot and is generally considered to be the best.

I host outstanding quality Garry’s Mod servers for only .67 cents a slot. We also include FastDL with unlimited space and bandwidth. And since your a facepunch user, I will also include web hosting for your community/game server :slight_smile:
Add me on steam, and we can talk about this

I would definitely use your hosting if it didn’t use PayPal. I’m looking for a server host that does direct credit/debit cards.

Why not use paypal? You can choose to not make a paypal account, and just put your card info in.

Furious-Servers selling Gmod servers for $0.80/slot:

No PayPal please.

I guess I can take a personal check from you and then add the funds to your account so you can pay the invoice. If you’re interested on taking me up on this offer just sign up at and then reference this post in ticket after placing the order. I can send more instructions after that. It is a danish site but you can change it to english at the bottom of page. It accept credit cards

I want to say:

Both of that host is paypal…

Doesn’t paypal allow you to use credit/debit cards?

He may have linked to this to a Paypal account that now needs verification, hence no Paypal.

just verify it then?

Gotta be over 18 to verify and lots of people aren’t.

Game-desk does not require it. Go bill something. Aftercreating a account in right corner it says : Bank tranfser. Paypal. Bank Tranfser. So yeah it accepts credit cards

50p per slot is what my company offers

Also could someone clear something up for me, I hear so many good things about nfo servers but recently I’ve been seeing a very large amount of negative things :s are these just trolls?

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I’ve been using Paypal since I was 14, with a bank account linked. I added a prepaid creditcard to it when I was 16 since those don’t require legitimate info or age checks via ID. Ive never been asked to verify Paypal.

PayPal tends to look at your profile very closely when you receive a dispute - ie donator gets mad etc.

They can completely skip over some people and then others they mess up royally - it’s how I lost my first community in GM9.

Didn’t realize. I had some stuff going on with Ebay disputes and such but never got looped down. I guess it’s a matter of your residing country as well.