gmod server hosting


I have created a DarkRP server and i am now looking to host it? i have found a host but was just wondering if anyone knew anything about it or a better one or people that have had bad experiences.

They offer servers for $0.99 a slot. This is REALLY expensive. Where are you planning to host? Are you from the US, Australia, Europe? If you tell us this, we might be able to give you some suggestions.

It also annoys the shit out of me that 9/10 hosting companies can’t spell “Garry’s Mod” properly. It’s either “Garrysmod” or “Garrys Mod”, I really don’t understand why it’s so hard to just spell a game’s name properly. Shows lack of professionalism to me, to be honest.

Though, before creating a thread, please use the search function next time. Even using Ctrl + F to search on the current page would have been enough, as there is a thread just below yours called Best GMod host?. Judging by the title, you could already guess that this is exactly the thing you need.

Shiiit! Expensive! I can recommend Nitrous Network. They’re great for small communities.

$1 per slot isn’t too expensive depending on the quaality. I would recommend NFOServers, they have a noob friendly cp and high quality server plus a free website. I would also recommend Elpis Host if you’re more on a budget

I live in the UK, and ok i will do that next time hahha new to this.

I recommend HC-Servers. Fast support, don’t have any issues with my server.

ok cheers, and i wonder if you can help me with adding m9k to my server it dosnt seem to be working here is the code im using. It will probably be something stupid haha

GAMEMODE:AddAmmoType(“m9k_ammo_ar2”, “Pistol ammo”, “models/Items/BoxMRounds.mdl”, 80, 30)

Use the DarkRP modification plugin, there is a file named “ammo.lua” in the “/customthings” folder.

yeah i am using that, and that the code thats on the dark rp wiki but its njot working for some reason


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