GMod server issue - NEED HELP

Whenever I start gmod, it will load a bunch of multiplayer servers but when I try to join any of them, I will get a “Connection failed after 6 retry’s” error. When I click the “refresh listings” button, all the servers in the list disappear, and none will load up. When I close the game and open Chrome, Chrome it won’t work for a couple of minutes. The only way i’ve been able to join a server is by joining off a friend through steam or sometimes after I restart my game it will connect. This issue has only occurred since I got new internet when I moved out of home, it’s just a wireless modem that runs off a 4G network, it still gives me speeds good enough for every other multiplayer game I just can’t connect to GMod servers. My friend also use to have this issue on wireless internet, is there a solution for this?

I’d suggest verifying but I’m not exactly sure if that’d help.

Thanks for you reply! Unfortunately I have tried verifying multiple times and it doesn’t seem to do anything :frowning:

This is due to the amount of servers being queried on your client. I used to get this exact problem on the old Virgin Media modem. It’s quite an easy fix as well:

Steam > Settings > In-Game > Max pings / minute and set it to 500. This will slow down the master list query speed and make it load slower.

Essentially, there are thousands of servers being sent to you within a span of a few seconds, this is causing your modem to freeze up until they stop querying. (Think of it as a DoS/DDoS attack, but legitimate). This generally also isn’t anything to-do with your internet speed, I was seeing these issues with 100D/30UMbps speeds. It’s more to-do with the amount of packets hitting your modem per second.