Gmod Server issue when running TF2 servers from same orangebox directory

i just put up my first gmod server after running tf2/l4d/l4d2/etc. servers for quite some time.

tried to install it into the same srcds/orangebox directory, and if i do it runs fine, BUT it breaks the tf2 server instances there.

if i install/run it from a different directory, gmod/orangebox, they coexist fine (since they arent sharing any files)

is this a known issue, or something i either did wrong or need to change some configuration issue? i would prefer having it all in one place (c:\srcds) vs two for space/update considerations.

note; i am running metamod/sourcemod on all if that makes any difference.



TF2 uses different orangebox/bin binaries.

Valve decided it would be better to distribute different bin files for TF2 and DoD:S to prevent the updated engine files from breaking any sourcemods or other derivative games that they do not manage. Back in February they did such and started to do that. So you are going to use a different directory for the TF2 server. Run a -update orangebox with -verify_all to double check all the dll files to make sure the correct engine is being used with Garrysmod. L4D and L4D2 use something like /left4dead instead of /orangebox/<game> or just /<game> so that would be the reason it doesn’t interfere since Valve knows it’s not on the same engine.