Gmod server lags a bit after spawning certain weapons or vehicles


Who is your server provider?
Maybe your GMod Server does not have enough performance?

The problem is probably with the specific weapon/amount of addons.


Cpu ir RAM usage if the server is fine?
Is it you or the server lagging?

This is probably because the client is precaching the model after it is spawned




If you’re running DarkRP, you could run a loop of CustomShipments and precache each weapon.

Run this on the PlayerInitialSpawn hook, and it should work. Note that the client may take a bit longer to load in, but it’s worth it because it shouldn’t have the lag.

(Untested Code)
for _, info in pairs(CustomShipments) do
if not info.model then continue end



It’s probably the model cache.
Try precaching all of the models in the server upon map and client load, this will help hugely when spawning shit.

One way to test to see if it’s the model cache is to spawn a model / car that you know has the issue, remove it, then spawn it again. It should spawn the second time with no issues as it’s been cached.

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Nah it’s good, I didn’t state to do it on the server when the map loads