GMOD Server Linux+WINE problems

Two problems i’m having right now, semi-major but i don’t absolutely need the server running.

  1. I get stuck in the ground (GMStranded) and can’t move, its something to do with surfaceproperties and the special materials the gamemode uses. (You have to install fixed surfaceproperties for normal operation, and since gmstranded has special ones, it behaves like unfixed surfaceproperties on linux)

  2. I get kicked after a delay (Kicked by Console : “No SteamID”)

Help much appreciated!

I didn’t get the 2nd problem on Debian, but i don’t want to switch back if at all possible.

First one, stop using a account being used by a different person

Second one, make sure your files are correctly installed if not, do a re-install.

Yeah, i’m pretty fuckin sure that this is my OWN account.
Files are installed correctly.

You must not know much about linux if your only ideas are “Reinstall”

I was hoping to find someone that knew the platform a little better.
Try again.

Garry’s mod does not support linux servers

Under WINE it works, sometimes.