Gmod server list blank and can not connect to anyone/server

I have tryed everything and Im just trying to enjoy gmod please someone help me PLEASE!!

Use the console. Eg: connect

I have this problem as well, except that there are servers, about 250-370-ish, but no one plays on them. Seriously? I get an update that doesn’t allow me to play on all my regular servers and none of my friends get these updates. How am I supposed to play online anymore? I need help with sandbox, I’m advanced, but not enough, for I still need help with certain things! Along with this update causes changes in my e2 coding that disallows some codes, such as “setAng” and “propFreeze.” I eventually get and update that allows me to play on my other servers again, but the very day that I get that update there is always the one that updates me past everyone again. What did I do to deserve this nonsense?

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I’ve tried the whole “dev branch” beta thing, still didn’t work out for me. :confused:

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I do have autoupdates turned off on Garry’s mod, so is there a way to launch the game without updating if there is an update waiting?

Oh, also, I’m not sure how well I clarified this, but when I try to join a server with the “newer” update, games I connect to say “This server is running an older version of Garry’s Mod” or whatever.

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Fixed the e2 stuff, I just enabled prop core

I am sooooooooo silly . . . feeling pretty sheepish . . . I even knew this thing was a thing . . .

Any who, this is solved by one of the old tricks in the book.

10 Files Failed to Verify, Reacquiring Files . . .

I’m gonna stop being a nuisance,