GMod Server Monetization?

I’ve been running a TTT server for a couple of months now and I am starting to run a little low on funds for this. I don’t think a donate button on my website is going to be enough to be able to cover the cost of the server and I would like some way for it to be able to make enough money that I won’t have to worry about paying for it as much.

Would using Google Adsense in the loading URL and the MOTD be a good idea, or should I go for something else like a sort of VIP (not overpowered though) rank? I’ve heard about using, but that requires users to click skip in the top right, which they can’t do in a loading URL. Not only that, but it’s just very unprofessional and I would really like to have a quality server. According to CloudFlare, I have received 16,823 visitors (regular traffic, not bots or crawlers) in the past month, and 2,744 were unique visitors.

I’m not trying to come off as a cheap asshole or make a big profit off of my server, but I want to have some kind of reason to keep making it better and afford it for a long time. If anybody could help me come up with some ideas for this, that would really be great; not only for me, but anybody else who wants to be able to run a server long-term without having to worry about paying for it! I am really interested in what the actual stats are, and if there is some other option that I’m completely unaware of.

Adding some ads on your loadingurl/motd shouldn’t be a problem for anyone. That’s probably the best way of going about it without being too annoying.

What do you think I should use, Google Adsense?

That’s probably the best service.

Hate to pop the bubble here but Google pays for clicks not for views I’m sure. (Might be wrong)

And you can’t click loadingurl links.

You’d be surprised, if you have a good server and some reasonable VIP benefits you can rake in the money.

I don’t imagine their being many AU TTT server’s(ddos problems).

I’m using Google Adsense quite heavily around my servers and forum to try to cover some costs.

Servers I have it placed on:
TTT | 40 slots (full 8hours+ of the day)
DarkRP | 42 slots (30+ 10hours+ a day)
DarkRP | 36 slots (30+ 10hours+ a day)
ZombieRP | 32 (15 most of the day)

My MOTD page in all servers link to a part of my forum that displays the specific servers rules, each MOTD looks something like:
I also have an ad on the top and bottom of my forum along with after every first post in a topic.
Forums statistics: Threads : 1,393, Posts : 12,096, Members : 995, Active Members : 312

And now my earnings:

As you can see, almost all of my earnings have come from my forum. That isn’t 100% true though because when a user views the MOTD, because the rule list is built into the forum they are also seeing the top forum banner so I think it’s possible users viewing the MOTD may click the top ad instead of the one below, I can’t be sure.

It seems like your best option would be to allow donations for something like VIP, maybe offer a colored name, votekick & voteban, reserved slots? There are a few options you are able to explore.

Hope I helped!

I’m afraid loadingurl is cached, unless that changed with GM13 anyway. I tried it once before in GM13.

I’ve seen some servers use advertising links for there motd etc, but I’m not sure how much that would make.

It’s the opposite, when I started my server there was 2 TTT servers in Australia and ever since Seananners and his stupid following made the game hit bigtime the amount of servers (90% complete shit) is utterly insane.
But yes, DDoS has been a huge problem recently that is proving quite hard to address.

Charge users for premium (VIP) content. Sell hats with a point shop. I used them in TTT and people love hats.

Not trying to “brag” or something, but this is what I earned by only letting users buy points for a pointshop, so they can buy hats and trails in our Deathrun server. The month before this we’ve raised $360

Maybe if you have 100’s of randomally appearing boxes on your server which say “click this link or

And the boxes can’t be closed until the link is clicked.

Another one of Nick’s great ideas.

As my community had an HL2RP server, we were raking in around $600 a month, purely because of the high level of donator benefits. Make it worthwhile for them to donate.

having absolutely no exclusive benefits(just increased paychecks, small shit like that) running three 40 slot roleplay servers that are full mostly throughout the day we get about 3k a month. it’s about playerbase, not having stupid benefits

Mind listing off what kind of ‘small things’ you are talking about, and their impact on gameplay?
If you are talking about DarkRP/PERP, you’ve already done a major gameplay screw up by giving increased paychecks to donators.

paychecks are already minimal as is and 95% of the income is via side tasks. there’s nothing special besides increased rates that they get compared to normal players. sure, it inflates the value of money but so would just having it online for a month.

Wow that’s really impressive that the average is $400! I guess it would be a good idea to get some kind of VIP rank then!