Gmod Server myinfo_bytes Command

Hi Everyone! Alright so im going to get right down to business here and cut the chat. I’m staff on a server for obviously GMOD(Don’t Ask Because its Advertising). We recently switched server boxes over to a better one to reduce lag and increase our player base. Now recently the owner and i have been having this Overflow Problem after switching. Doesn’t matter what map were on it only seems to effect us when we spawn CloneWars Battle Droids! We’ve looked everywhere to see what it is but this is our last way to get this problem fixed we Get this Message: WARNING! User command buffer overflow(4032 4033), last cmd was 13472 bits long: Now we’ve looked up why this happens and every single forums page or help page says “Type in console myinfo_bytes 8192” Now not 100% on what this does i do believe it runs at 8kilo byte speed instead of the average 126 but no entirely certain. Now I was like “yes a fix for this” But The myinfo_bytes command doesn’t work! It says unknown command and i’ve double checked it about 30-45times making sure its 100% correct and nothing. The command itself doesn’t work.

If Someone Has The Ablity to tell me what the fix is or what the new command is that would be great :slight_smile:

People here will ignore you for obvious stuff, don’t ask me why, because if you do, one of us will get banned.

Here, go into your Library, right click GMOD, go into properties, General Tab, Set Lauch Options. In there you will write down: +myinfo_bytes 8192

Type exactly that WITH the + signal. Finish it by clicking Ok.

Now there it goes, this should work correctly now!