Gmod server need help!

Okay, i have my server up and i need to install youtube player into it, and so i need help installing it, ive tried filezilla and physically going to sleek servers and installing it. The ticket response is taking too long please leave some instructions. Thanks!

Wait for the response.

yeah well ive waited 2 days.

  1. Youtube player is laggy and crashes clients sometimes.
  2. If you can’t figure out how to install an addon, you shouldn’t be running a server…
  3. Don’t rate people who are trying to help you dumb.

I agree with Xenoyia v2 , the youtube player is buggy and can crash your server. Besides, you can use the steam web browser to view YouTube videos.

I said wait for the response

I’m assuming it’s: ?

What problems are you exactly having?

Don’t be a dick.

thanks starpluck, and every time i install an addon into like filezilla or, my control panel it never shows up on the server