GMod Server Not Appearing

I know, I know, it’s back to basics, but I just set-up my TTT GMod server, portforwarded, disabled LAN, heartbeat’d, and all that jazz, but unfortuantely my steam friends are still unable to connect.

LAN people are…?
Trust me, LAN is disabled.

Any help?
Sorry for noobishness.




I have tried many things… also my IP shows as a local one tp friends trying to join.

Any help?


sv_lan 0 then changelevel “mapname” if that doesn’t work then your router or whatever is the problem and you need to forward your ports.

I’ve forwarded my ports… I’ll try heartbeat then changing the map.

It failed for my friend… Any ideas? I’ve forwarded all the required ports…


Bump? Help? Thanks =/

Give them your IP to connect to via console.

connect IP:PORT

Tried that…


It says connection failed after 4 retries.

Is it a dedicated server?



BUMP… Any help?