Gmod Server Not Listing

I am currently setting up a gmod server on my dedicated server. I have setup numerous gmod servers in the past and everything has worked fine. The dedicated server I am on currently is unmanaged so I am doing everything myself, I have created 3 servers and they all work perfectly. The problem I am having is two of my three servers stop listing in the server list after being up for around 20 - 30 minutes (can vary), the servers the stop listing run on port 27016 and 27017 however the server on port 27015 has no issue at all.

I have opened ports 27015, 27016 and 27017 on the dedicated servers firewall, disabled the firewall completely and nothing has worked so far. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Edit: Another thing I have noticed is when I connect to the dedicated server via remote desktop after the gmod servers have stopped listing they will display again for another 20 - 30 minutes then stop listing

Are you with OVH? They seem to have a lot of issues with gmod servers not showing up on the masterlist.

I am with OVH. Any solutions at all? If not could you recommend any unmanaged hosts elsewhere?

Request a routed ip through the area you want listed, the servers show up on the masterlist just not in your region, for example i want mine in all of the USA so i have the ip routed through California

If you do this you will have to switch your server ip over to the new ip, but it will then show up on the server list you want, contact their support to get this done

I have just sent a message to support requesting a routed ip through California. Will wait and see what their reply is (their first reply to me having this problem was an automatic response).

I am at a loss for words… OVH support has been less than helpful with this problem… Here’s their reply.

I’ve never had issue with servers not listing like this before… I think I might just move to a different host. Any recommendations?