Gmod Server not loading addons!

Hello all, whenever I load my gmod server and join it none of the addons I have in the addons folder work, I’ve extracted them with Gmad and I’ve setup a fast DL for the addons. Still I get nothing when I join, none of the weapons I added show up in the spawnlists, or playermodels in the context menu. Please help!

Post your resource.AddFile file and sv_downloadurl.

So you’re asking me to post my workshop.lua file? I don’t know what sv_downloadurl is. Could that be why it isn’t working. I have only one addon in the workshop.lua atm so here it is

Here’s one that I am using for a new I made because addons weren’t working for my old one so I started fresh:

Here’s the old one:
resource.AddWorkshop(“121961644”) --Nypd Model
resource.AddWorkshop(“104996105”) --RP Downtown v4c
resource.AddWorkshop(“124259234”) --F:N Riot Gear
resource.AddWorkshop(“253160486”) --FAS2 Base Pack
resource.AddWorkshop(“158929155”) --Devil May Cry 4 Weapons Pack
resource.AddWorkshop(“153107823”) --ME3 Husk Playermodel
resource.AddWorkshop(“271244662”) --Watch Dogs Phone
resource.AddWorkshop(“282213459”) --CSS Weapons M9K Base Edited
resource.AddWorkshop(“108720350”) --Regular CSS Weapons on M9K
resource.AddWorkshop(“175697854”) – Daedric
resource.AddWorkshop(“156922874”) --Dovahkiin
resource.AddWorkshop(“176540879”) --Hold Guard
resource.AddWorkshop(“175888811”) --Miraak

I commented them out on this one so I would know which one’s I have.

You said you extracted them and used FastDL; you’re not using FastDL. If they are not showing up at all, though, that’s a serverside issue. Can you post an addon that isn’t working and it’s file structure?

What do you mean by file structure?

Like garrysmod/addons/something/materials,models,lua,etc.


Do you want me to go farther in depth?

That’s fine; you said you got it from the workshop, right?

Yes I did

And it works from workshop but not extracted?

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Also, can you link me to this addon?

Yes, it works in singleplayer but when I throw it in my addons folder, it doesn’t show up anywhere.
Here’s the link to the addon

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Please Reply

Works fine for me. You are putting this on your server and not just your client, right?

Also, if I don’t respond for a little bit, sending me a PM and leaving a comment on my profile won’t speed things up. I’m not on Facepunch 24/7.

We are connecting through it from an FTP and It’s not hosted from our pc

I would suggest extracting the addon with GMad and using the Foxwarrior resource.AddFile Generator

As it speeds the process up for joining and the person joining doesn’t have a ton of extracting to do.

Download and follow the instructions provided.

We already have gmad extractor and put in the gmas along with the folders in the addons

haha D: