Gmod Server Not Starting?

My scrds dedicated server wont start…

Console Initialized
Mounting hl2… Not Mounting hl2 (no access)
Not Mounting hl2 (no access)
Mounting ep2… Not Mounting ep2 (no access)
No permission
Mounting tf… Not Mounting tf (no access)
No permission
Mounting cstrike… OK
Mounting dod… OK
Mounting episodic… Not Mounting episodic (no access)
No permission
Mounting hl2mp… OK
Mounting portal… Not Mounting portal (no access)
No permission
Mounting lostcoast… Disabled
Mounting hl1… Not Mounting hl1 (no access)
No permission
Mounting hl1mp… Not Mounting hl1mp (no access)
No permission
Mounting zeno_clash… Not Mounting zeno_clash (no access)
No permission
Garry’s Mod client.dll Build #082 [Jun 25 2011 11:02:55]
maxplayers set to 16
Lua initialized (Lua 5.1)

It just pauses at Lua initialized (Lua 5.1) and stays there and doesnt start…help?

Going to take a shot in dark and say this is most likely the problem, just by looking at the above error pretty much explains itself.

Seems like its not being able to mount the needed content… just to be sure I tested it out… removing the hl2 folder of course gives the same results.

A few things I would try:

Make sure the content has been downloaded and installed correctly, Rerun the updater tool and try it with the -verify_all flag, judging by the other game contents not loading either… this may not be the problem, but give it a shot anyway.

Make sure the file directory’s are readable, check all the game content directory’s, including garrysmod… make sure it’s at least readable and writable by the user account running the SRCDS process.

chmod (Linux)

File and Folder permissions (Windows)

Just my thoughts, that may not be the problem… just looks like it so I’d try out the things mentioned anyway…hope this helps some


Next time you may want to post a help thread in the Help and support section, people get a bit mad when you post help threads in general discussion area.

its not the missing content

i waited for 20 minutes and it finally worked, but whenever i restart it still takes a long time…any ideas?