GMod server not working (Despite port forwarding and VAC secured)

So i’m running my servers on a separate computer within my household that runs a lot of other servers as well. It’s made for it.

I have games that on there that use COMPLETELY different ports than GMod (Besides Arma3, but i know for a fact they don’t conflict), and despite ports 27000-27050 being open (TCP and UDP), I can neither see, nor connect to it through console or through Local connections. The server has shown that it is running on ports 27015 and 27005, is running on the correct internal address, Steam authentication code is working, and that VAC is secured, I still cannot see it, and neither does any open port checker that I use.

I honestly have no idea what to do.

My startup commands:

-console -game garrysmod +map gm_construct +maxplayers 64 +sv_setsteamaccount <REMOVED> -port 27015 +ip

Nevermind, I found the issue.

Turns out, that it wasn’t working cause I had it placed in C:/@Servers (with administrator on)
I moved the whole server file to the desktop, and then it worked :slight_smile:

Hope this helps someone.