Gmod Server - Payers can walk though certain objects

Hey, I currently have a gmod server running cakescript for medieval roleplay. However, as of a day or two ago, players have been able to walk through certain props.

Most props are fine, however on the three maps I’ve tested it on (rp_mountainvillage, rp_forestvillage_fixed, gm_forestofnowhere), Players have been able to walk through the trees, the rocks and sometimes log cabins, etc.

I’ve taken the server all the way back, removed all the addons I added, removed the gamemode (It’s currently on sandbox) to no avail. This is my last ditch attempt before I do a complete reinstall.

Has anyone got any ideas?

Try mounting EP2 content to your server?

It can’t be mounted onto the server apparently, unless you individually take the models from the GCFs and put them on.

Edit: Which I’m just trying now as a last ditch effort, but I can’t see that affecting the log cabins.

Bump. I really need a fix for this, it’s keeping the server from advancing and going fully public.

You’ll need to install EP2 on your server, your server is unable to get the collision data of the models (Since they don’t exist) and therefore your can walk through it.

Great, that worked. Thanks a ton!!! :slight_smile: