gmod server phx3 wire sn1pe with jobs etc

well i tryed to make a elevator but i need or smart containts or smart weld

because both arent in stalled on the server i make a shitty elevator and most people agree with me on this has a search bar you know?

Any way, I didn’t quite get what you mean, but I think you’re looking for this:

Also, please learn some grammar, or at least fix your spelling, do like me, use the Google Toolbar Spell Checker.

And google translate works real well if english isn’t your first language, unless of course you’re like my ex gf whos first language is this weird dead babylonian language or something (she was psycho)

You are psycho, And banned from
(His and mine post didn’t contribute anything to this thread)

I would recommend Parenting:

(Now i contributed :3)

i did contribute, i reccomended google translator