Gmod Server/PlayX Error/Problem

I added PlayX and now the tools are gone, only addon tools which I added manually…
I installed the PlayX folder to addons as the readme.txt said to do. Is there anything else I should have added other than PlayX?

Is it a server sided problem (Host side, I rent it…) or a plugin error? It’s happened for other addons, not only PlayX :frowning:
Please respond soon as I love PlayX :frowning:

were were on the same server yesterday haha. Anyway why dont you install it to your server using workshop.vdf?

if you dont know how link for tutorial:

PlayX is an SNV…

then put it in workshop.vdf. Well thats what i did and its working in my server

So it looks like this?

“1” “108424005” // Keypad + Cracker
“2” “106516163” // PlayX

Thats all I do to add it? Dont need to actually upload the .vmf to addons?

	"1"		"104479034"
	"2"		"104479298"
	"3"		"105142403"
	"4"		"105150660"
	"5"		"108424005"
	"6"		"106958912"
	"7"		"113607097"
	"8"		"107336121"
	"9"		"104651870"

save and put in garrysmod/garrysmod

(this is an example these are my files)

Could you fix mine up please? It’s weird for some reason

    "1"     "108424005" // Keypad + Cracker
    "2"     "106516163"     // PlayX

I used this and it doesn’t show up on the server… I also tried extracting that gma and uploading it the folder to addons, but then the issue occurs again when it removes the tools.

Any ideas? :confused:
I posted it on the github page for PlayX and the creator said she/he hasn’t played gmod in years so doesn’t know what’s up with it…

another way is to unpack the gma file, then merge the lua folder from the addon with the lua folder from your server.

I did, thats when the problem occurs when the files are merged, the tools disappear from tools menu…
the workshop code doesn’t do anything…

did you merge them or just overwrite? in some cases you have to go all the way to the base (get the files) and put them into the folder for the server

Eg: get the files from garrysmod/materials/VGUI and drag them into the vgui of the server (pain in the ass)


If your using a host and you have a control panel you cant merge them you have to do what I said (I have one too and when you upload two of the same files they dont merge the overwrite) The only other way is to download the lua and materials folder from the host, merge the files, and upload the files to the server host again

Then how come when I put lua and materials folder into the host directory, it merged? I saw all the default files and other custom files.

well the way you do it gives you errors, so try my way. Don’t try to merge it just do it manually