Gmod server problem

I just starting getting getting this problem today, and I’ve been trying to fix it for hours. Whenever I spawn a weapon or entity, nothing spawns, this is all I get in the console in game: “Warning: Unhandled usermessage ‘_Notify’”.
I dont think it has to do with my weapons or entities but heres the codes:

AddCustomShipment(“MP5 - Silenced”, “models/weapons/w_hk_mp5.mdl”, “m9k_mp5sd”, 1234, 10, True, 123, False, {TEAM_GUN})

DarkRP.createEntity(“Piano”, {
ent = “gmt_instrument_piano”,
model = “models/fishy/furniture/piano.mdl”,
price = 1500,
max = 1,
cmd = “buypiano”,
allowed = {TEAM_PIANIST},
sortOrder = 1,


I even deleted everything and recreated the whole server, and yet the same problem still happens. If anyone thinks they have any idea Id gladly try it, thanks.