Gmod Server randomly crashes!

My server keeps randomly crashing, with no logs at all!
I use Serenity Servers, and they tell me:
“Optimize addons, update scripts and remove leaks should fix it”
Any help? As I don’t know what addon it may be

Well if it crash there should be crash logs - unless it’s configured incorrectly. The location depends on your OS.

Where would they be?

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I’ve had a server for 6 months now, and this has only started happening recently.
This is getting really annoying, since 5-10 minutes from each other, the server randomly restarts

Same here, checked Debug.log and its only says the date of the crash, the command line to run the server and nothing else, just server restart, I have it 5-6 times at day (Linux CentOS).
I also checked the Console.log and nothing…