GMod Server Requirements

Well I want to make a community, I am going to buy a Windows VPS, will this “plan” work for a server of 24 slots plus website?

Xeon Cores 2

Disk Space 30GB

Dedicated RAM 768 MB

SWAP 1024 MB

Bandwidth 1000 GB


NOTE: Count as that the gamemode will be sandbox

PS: btw what OS should I choose?

windows server 2003 R2 32bit
windows server 2003 R2 64bit
windows server 2008 R2 32bit

You cant do shit with that much RAM!

what i can do? Remember it isnt minecraft its gmod, I made a test runned darkrp with 32 bots plus i tried to lag the shit out of the server with props and I even made my lag tecnic and the max of ram it wanted was below 300MB, soo 768MBs plus 1 GB swap = 1792MBs

Again tested it with darkrp a bunch of props colliding and lagging the server yet has not over passed 300MBs, also i had 64 bots running around, yea i know bots doen’t count as people but still its not going over 300mbs, hmm I am now planning on 500 bots, it would be amazing XD, gonna do it

Actually I can’t because of the limit :confused:

Just a thought but have you tried using Linux?
Its probably more suited for server hosting :wink:

for preformance but limited, i once got my community shutdown because of linux limitations

well that’s very vague…

Sadistic ran Exiled on Linux for like 2 years and my server has been Linux for a year