GMod server running on CentOS- crashing and sticking clients on "sending client info"

I’m having a bit of trouble getting the gmod server to run on CentOS for a dedicated server I just bought.
I understand that it requires a special file, and I have uploaded that to the correct place on the server (so the server now starts up)
Clients now get stuck at the “sending client info” stage. The client doesn’t freeze, but instead gmod remains totally responsive and does nothing else.
Others seem to be able to get past this, but when they do join the server crashes.

Anyone have any ideas?

Use Ubuntu instead of CentOS. If I recall there’s an issue with one of the .so files required and CentOS doesn’t have the version Valve are using to compile the nix binaries.

Are there any disadvantages to running on Ubuntu? The reason I chose CentOS was because it is seemingly lightweight compared to other OSs. Am I misinformed?
It should be noted I plan to run other source servers alongside this server, as well as a Minecraft server.

Ubuntu server works just as CentOS (Considering Ubuntu is basically Debian with a pretty dress on). Unless you’re planning to move to redhat in the future, it won’t really matter.

Would Debian be a better choice? I know people have trouble running in dresses; it slows them down (following your analogy)

The sacrifice of ease of functionality by going to debian by the lower RAM utilisation really isn’t worth it.

I didn’t quite expect you to follow my analogy so tightly :v:. The memory reduction in Debian isn’t worth the ease of use as Man Without Hat said. You should find Ubuntu (server) ideal for an entry into linux systems.

I have always found CentOS to generally be trash, Ubuntu as always had ease-of-usability and a fairly nice dependency resolution feature in apt-get

See I would normally agree, but I’ve seen some worrying stuff. Lets take a look at the minecraft wiki for setting up a server:

Not sure if this is just a one off, though…

I’m not sure where they’re getting that information from. I just checked aptitude (not to be confused with apt-get) and I found both Java and Python there.

Hell I even have both of them installed.

Fair enough. I’ll assume it’s a one off, it’s on the Minecraft wiki.
So, Ubuntu LTS is a good choice for me here?

pls allow me to bump this thread because I’ve got the same problem. The server runs like a charm after replacing the server.os but while joining it, it crashes.

But for my there is no way to change the OS

here’s the log putty is giving me:

I think it has something to do with the file permissions but I have no clue which to change.


Come on, I know it’s possible to run a gmod server on CentOS. Has somebody, any clue what to do? :slight_smile:

you really wanna use cPanel dont you

CentOS is not an application server. Hands down. I’ve used it for web servers and firewalls, and anything else I’ve tried, it just pushes me back.

use ubuntu. Easier.

I’m pretty sure you’re doing something wrong, the minimal distro of CentOS is quite stable, and ubuntu is bloated.

You can fix the CentOS 5 issue by either upgrading to CentOS 6, or following what GranPC did here. (You will have to do this every update.) It’s caused by CentOS using outdated glibc.

I have 2 web servers and a Teamspeak 3 server running on my Ubuntu 11.04 VPS and it’s using 30 MB of RAM, I’m not too concerned about it being bloated at this point.

CentOS generally lags behind with upgrades and shouldn’t be used for GMod server hosting, even you just admitted it…

CentOS 5 has an outdated glibc, that’s pretty much the only downfall to hosting Garry’s Mod on it, and you can upgrade to CentOS 6 and fix that, I don’t see what you’re point is here, CentOS doesn’t lag behind, users who don’t update do.

Except that before CentOS 6 was released, anyone that wanted a Garry’s Mod server had to compile GLIBC themselves or switch to an OS that supports updated binaries. I wouldn’t trust that Valve not compile it again with a newer version CentOS again wouldn’t have. CentOS has a bad track record now, and I’ve always preferred Ubuntu. I just don’t trust an OS that was broken for a good month or 3

CentOS 6 was released before the compile with glibc 2.7, so all you had to do was upgrade to fix the issue, and I highly doubt Valve will compile with a newer glibc version again so soon. And there was no downtime to my knowledge, I would like to see where you got that information.