Hello, Is there an active that works with Centos linux atm? if so pleas link me below


The normal linux binaries should work with CentOS just as well. You should probably be installing it with hldsupdatetool if you aren’t already.

If you’re using CentOS 5, it uses an outdated glibc, so srcds won’t boot without some tweaks. Use this thread if you actually want to continue using CentOS 5, as far as I know GranPC’s fix still works.

Im useing CentOS 5 - minimal

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I have a in there now the serer will start and will not spam consol but when u try to join it you cant connect. The server still does not crash tis still up you just cant connect any ideas?

That’s the issue I was explaining, you have to follow GranPC’s post in the thread I linked to fix it, but you will have to do that every update, otherwise you need to upgrade to CentOS6. CentOS 5 is using an outdated glibc, and it probably won’t be updated anytime soon.