Gmod server stuck in spectator

Basically i am very new to making servers and i am trying to make my first gmod deathrun server. I used this youtube video to make the server, everything is working fine but im stuck flying around in spectator, no commands or buttons seem to be able to get me out and also i think this could be just because im in spectator but my health is at 0 and so is the timer, please can someone help? i’d really like to get started

Is there any lua errors displaying in the console?

Spawn a bot/make sure there’s more than one player

I’ve just checked and no there are no lua errors anywhere in console, but under the loaded lua files in red it says "Requesting texture value from var “$dummyvar” which is not a texture value (material : NULL material) I don’t know if that means anything but thats all i can see

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I will try spawning a bot now when i work out how i can do that. I am very new to creating a server so bare with me being a noob. I’ve tried typing bot in console but that didn’t work, i will find out how

Type “bot” in the server console while it’s started.

I have tried multiple times and tried resetting the server, nothing happens when i type in bot

thats the screenshot, i don’t know if that helps

I feel very much like a noob right now. Thank you so much dude everything is now working fine, i appreciate the help!