Gmod server sued by CCP; the death of McBuilds Spacebuild

EDIT: Wizard of Ass (see below) has now pointed out that CPP has not sued McBuilds. Sorry for the hassle.

McBuilds was a famous non-profit spacebuild server. It has been around since 2008 with multiple servers and developed a reputation as the most famous of the spacebuild servers and developed many of the spacebuild maps and custom content.

The spacebuild 3 McBuild servers have been shutdown by ICE - Homeland Security Investigations for wilful copyright infringement on content from Eve Online. I am not the target of the lawsuit and don’t have great detail about the exact lawsuit content. My understanding is that McBuild servers used a custom model pack from ported from Eve Online by a player nickname Mandrac. You can find this upload here for reference ( After about 6 months of using this Mandrac model package for some spacebuild Life Support and Resource Storage Caches, McBuilds was sued by CCP (the makers of Eve Online) for wilful copyright infringement. The official McBuild community webpage has been seized by Homeland Security Investigations (, and the servers died.

I believe McBuild have been done wrong by the company CCP, and this event deserves a lot more publicity in the gmod and wider technology/gaming news. Anyone have any comments? Anyone know any contacts to try and get this a bit more attention? We can try to track down the McBuild server owner for comment and more information on the lawsuit for a possibly story if possible.

CCP is doing wrong here and deserves negative publicity for this farce to the gmod community. Asking McBuilds to remove the models would have been alright, but suing the server owner and seizing their domain name? This is plain absurd. Fracken CCP. They just lost a whole bunch of hardcore eve online supporters and deserve to be boycotted.

Haha, what? CCP deserves to be boycotted for defending their copyright? McBuilds wasn’t the incredibly awesome server network you’re making it out to be in the first place. No great loss.

And aren’t you incredibly late now?

Yes, this happened 3 months ago.

And most game developers deliberately port their content to gmod. (ie. Left4Dead, Dragon Age, plus many many more.). Having taken the models off I believe it would have been reasonable to assume that content had proper copyright.

McBuilds was the most famous of spacebuild servers, but of course it had problems.

Sounds fake.

Heh? I don’t know where you got the idea that the actual developers were the ones that made their models available for GMod, but you would be very, very wrong to think that’s true.

Ya, you are right. I can’t find reference to an official upload by l4d or dragon age.

Ok, well it looks like I am losing the argument. Ok, you can believe CCP isn’t a dick for doing this. But then at least take this case as a severe warning to server admins that you cannot use content, even just a tiny bit, ported from another game. I would have expected them to not mind the publicity, not sue and screw them.

Haven’t there been like 8 different threads about mcbuild servers dying?
I don’t think anyone actually cares by now.

The way that was worded suggests (wrongly) that anyone even cared in the first place.

OP is heavily misinformed, according to my info the server hoster fed up with with the userbase and the admins, ccp did not sue anyone, I wrote a mail to them because I as well used eve models on a server of mine.

They said as long it is not commercial and they get the credits there is no problem for them.

Also the ICE-Seal is fake.

Thanks for the info Wizard of Ass. That makes a lot more sense. I didn’t think CCP would be that nasty.

Sounds fake

their website has been siezed by ICE though, heres the link
can someone explain why their website was siezed though, because i was just looking at it the other day

Guy right above you pointed out it’s probably a fake in the first place, it wasn’t seized. Which really wouldn’t surprise me, considering what this community was like.