Gmod server will not connect Online

I have been working all night getting this server up for my little brother It appears online in the prop hunt server list but it fails
to connect after 4 retrys. I can access it local and it works perfectly and when I do an external port check it says port 25015 is open
but port 25005 is not while server runs. They are both open in my router and I have ported out of different games before.

umm gmod ports are 27015

Sorry I was typing half brain dead last night

Gmod1 3478 3478 BOTH

Gmod2 4379:4380 BOTH

Gmod3 27000:27050 BOTH

This is my ports

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Ok So I figured it out, people cant connect to it online except me I have to use a local ip to connect.
Sigh omg I cant believe it thanks guy for your help anyways.

Solved! :smile: