Gmod Server

Im sorry if i post this in the wrong section! please do not ban me just move my forum

Im starting a darkrp server soon but I need some body who wants to do it with me (NOT A CODER) Just some body who knows how to make the server jobs and such. I will be paying for the server. I need someone who is 13-15 so if you wanna talk add me on steam girlyycraft (<-- I made that name years ago when i was a kid dont laugh lol)

1.) You can jump on multiple DarkRP servers, asking around for this.
2.) You could’ve posted on CoderHire forum section, specifying that you are looking for a FREE coder that wants to help develop a community.
3.) I really hope that name ‘girlyycraft’ did not mean you pretended to be a female when you were younger.

I am a girl…


Addition to my previous post, if you want to get someone who is experienced, or interested at least, go here: however, I’m not sure you’re going to get anyone good without payments. (outside of just jobs & stuff)

Good luck.

Ages 13-15, that says it all.