Gmod Server

Just made a new gmod server and im looking for good ways to promote it any suggestions is appreciated

if you wanna check it out yourself then you can find the ip on my steam group:

When making a server you want to provide the following:

  1. A friendly group of trust worthy staff that can manage a community to standard and not be a dick about things.
  2. Provide items,shops or anything that other servers don’t. This is what draws attention to your server and makes players want to come back for more.
  3. Do not replicate a server because its “popular” thinking your going to gain 75% of the amount of players they have because that doesn’t happen. Who wants to join a replicated server that could may have issues?
  4. Give the time for your server. Don’t spend 5 minutes on it then give up. Proving that you can show dedication and give the time for your server means that it will be improved on all the time which could draw players in towards the newest updates rather than the same old things, I’ve seen a deathrun server go from having a full server nearly every day to it now only having 10-14 players roughly because its only providing the same old content for the past year and half.
  5. Like number 3, be original with your ideas. If you think of something cool, try create it and add it in game! If your stuck with things you can always post it on the face punch Garry’s mod developer section and plenty of lua coders will help you out! :smiley:

problem is i had the servers up ages ago and it almost instantly got flooded with people and now no one seems to join maybe a max of 7 players every once in a while

What gamemode you hosting?

Hosting 2 TTT servers as before on the same map and everything (map is ttt_minecraft_b5 on main server that usually had 32 ppl on almost all the time and then 2nd server is ttt_67thway_v3 which normally had 16 - 20 ppl on it almost all the time)

You should introduce map cycle maybe?

cant atm since no fastdl but we are working on it and it didnt have fastdl before so i dont get it

Add me on steam: skatemusic my name should come up -Skate I can maybe help you with some things?

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Think ive already added you now