GMod Server

Hey guys,
I’m thinking of starting a BuildRP server.
I have no idea what it should include…
Can you give me suggestions?
What I will have so far:

  • Custom Gamemode (not perp/darkrp/openaura/whatever)
  • Anti-Pk system
  • Admin is NOT bought and never will be.
  • Admins are required to have a mic. (You know why…)
  • The gun dealer job is not easy to obtain. (No people running around shooting everyone)
  • Tools are restricted accordingly.
  • Those with access to Advanced-Duplicator still won’t be able to spawn some entities.
  • Players can actually develop their character.
  • Minges/Trolls who keep trying to troll/minge are permed.
  • Rules that work.

What else could we have?

Put it on sandbox construct, that is the real BuildRP. You can’t really have a gamemode for it.