GMOD Servers That You Absolutely Hate!

This thread is for you to post what server(s)/server community(s) you hate and why! Also just feel free to post bad experiences with other servers.


  1. Do not argue as these are peoples opinions based on past experiences that you did NOT experience. However, feel free to +1 someone’s hate towards other servers
  2. You must have a truthful and valid reason why you dislike the server(s) and or community(s).
  3. This is not a place to advertise.

The servers I absolutely hate:

I mainly play DarkRP and I am sure most of you at sometimes hate the game mode. And I can feel that same way as well.

#1. Eugecus community. Mainly there DarkRP server I dislike. There server is loaded with dumb squakers and Mods/Admins (All the way up to Co-Owner) that have bought their rank. Most Admins are extremely abusive and very ignorant. Last time I was on the server I called for Admin multiple times and no on answered. Turns out 6 Admins/Mods were setting up a dance floor with radio and such. A few minutes later a server Super admin brought the WHOLE server to the dance floor and blocked off all entrances. This was absolutely outrageous and I prop climbed to get out. After that a Admin went sweeping around and picked up all those who had escaped and wanted to role play. I refused but they still brought me to the dance floor. So yeah don’t go on it unless you like a server full of prop killing trolls and dumb founded 8 year olds. :suicide:

#2. NexusRP. I am apart of a server community that is quite successful and busy (Will not name because I do not want to make it look like I am advertising). Since the school season started multiple people left the community/resigned. 5 of the people who left decided to start some silly movement to leave the server and start a new one not apart of the community (NexusRP). I first came on the server to see what it was like. And it frustrated me. The server was literally copy and paste from the past server community they were apart of (The one I am apart of). Not only that but when I joined the server within 20 minutes I blown up by C4 twice by Admins flying around with carrots up their asses. I then got pissed so I rdm’ed an AFK with a weapon out (I was a cop. I know it wasn’t the best idea but he did have a gun out) then banned me for 2000 hours even after I told him how abusive his butt buddies where being (He was just a MOD). I then posted a ban appeal on the forums and they accepted it immediately. The next day I came on with a different name. To my surprise an idiot admin spawns himself a mini-gun and starts mowing me down and multiple other people on the server. Since the admin was a friend of an Owner they did nothing about it. I then call for an Admin then some jerk named blizzard teleports to me and says: “Here I can solve your problem” then kills me. I called an Admin again to not only report the guy with the mini-gun but the abusive admin who just rdm’ed me. The blizzard guy comes here once again and the same situation repeats a total of 4 times. I then change my name again to have a fresh start. I then see an Admin job abusing so I come up him how he is job abusing. He says “No I am not.” I proceeded to call a different Admin stating that I do not want the blizzard guy and look who shows up! Blizzard! I tell him that he is being a jerk and I keep my anger held inside. He then bans me permanently for disrespect and trolling. Don’t support that asshole server. They copied another communities server content and format and are complete assholes (This inspired me to make this thread). The leaving participants also posted troll posts on the our forums even though they agreed to not bother each other. And I made sure I did not bother them whatsoever!

JACGMod: I was apart of CBC when it was sold to JAC and the dark days began. The servers were great, then they switched over, and things went downhill. Players stopped joining, servers didn’t work because the owner only had experience with Minecraft or he was too lazy, people burped at you when you tried talking (The owner) they even edited the system in the server “ExclServer” to look pretty much the same just rounded and the opacity lowered renaming it JACGMod Menu V2. When people or staff members left the community threads were started bashing them. But above all else the owner quickly promoted a user to “Community Leader” (Like head admin) he had no experience at all as staff and called other communities terrible on the forums “You jailbreak is shit, and it seriously offends me that it is a server on a game I love. My opinion on your TTT is shit too, but that’s only because there is no headshots” ~ Aceskill. Don’t really hate the people who played on the server just the experience I had.

This thread is gonna cause a load of drama.

Good popcorn.

TBB: Owner will rape you
Also run by 5 year olds

i hate any and all servers that allow you to buy ranks, because then i always get banned by a 10 year old for telling him to shut up.
Also “dont disrespect admins” is such a dumb rule. who the fuck cares if someone calls you a fag, call them a fag back and be done with it and stop acting like “oh boo hoo you hurt my feewings imma ban u nao”

ByB Servers
run by kids
able to buy admin rights
admins dont know the rules on their server
admins ban players which know the rules but when you argue with them you get banned instantly
and kids.

What was it… Not a Crappy TTT server? The one that has like 15 minutes worth of PLAYER MODEL downloads.

Modified Gaming (my first DarkRP server). Took me 2 hours to join for a bunch of disappointment and a ban for being hit by a car.

Edit: 2 hours worth of downloads

Dr. Tools Sandbox Epicness.
No PA, no ACF, no E2 for user/visitor ranks, staff members minging and running around with masskilling turret contraptions, no turret for low ranks, no ropes, no elastics, no Adv Dupe 2, no SProps, no Weight, no Adv Ballsocket, no… Anything you are used to from proper Sandbox servers…?

Salty Freebuild.
All the tools and addons you need, but the server itself tends to be insanely laggy at times, MunMod likes to randomly freeze contraptions every now and then because it thinks they cause lags, server is filled with kids and mingebags while staff doesn’t give a damn about that.

(sorry Jackpody) Cre8ive.
Server itself is fine, addons are fine, staff is fine but the communiy is neither a talkactive nor an open community. If you are familiar with ACF and a car builder or some sort of that, it’s all fine. If you are not, you most likely won’t get accepted by most of the others.

Hey that sounds familiar :v: If only I could remember why I left CBC…

“A Thread Where Everyone can Cause Drama”

maybe you should rename the thread to this.


Remember when I played there a long time ago. I had finally managed to become a police officer, and was patrolling the streets. A lot of jerks were driving around ignoring the speed limits, so me and my partner pursued a sports car that drove way too fast. We lost it for a second and then it appeared on the road side. Me and my partner drove up to the car and as I confronted the driver in a polite but firm way, my partner aimed a gun at him. My partner overstepped in aiming, but the owner of the car decided to ban us both permanently from the server for my partner’s mistake. I tried to look up his rank and found out that he was the owner of the whole community. I then proceeded to contact him and explain the circumstances in a lengthy, descriptive and foremost polite manner. He replied with a brief and ignorant reply stating that my ban would stay.

Guess one of the charms with having a community of my own is that I don’t have to deal with people like that anymore. It’s one of those experiences that has reminded me of how important it is to be modest and down to earth as a community owner rather than to just act in a cocky and ignorant way just because you’re able to without any consequences.

Hellzone Clan. Long time members of the Garry’s Mod community would understand why but it primarily revolves around Killslick; a 40 year old man who runs the community and PERP.

Besides advertising terrible servers

Servers with the Purge.

I find it hard to hate any community directly, but as far as anything goes: Fuck Hellzone.

Servers with the Purge that autokick you for “hacks” when you use a bhopping macro on a mouse.

i once randomly joined a purge server, accidentally hit a gm_spawnswep bind, spawned weapons. hilarity ensued.