GMOD Servers That You Absolutely Love!

Since there is a ‘GMOD Servers That You Absolutely Hate!’ thread, I thought we may as well have one for servers that you like a lot.

Would be cool if you explained some concrete reasons for why you like the server you post. It would also be nice if you tried to keep it to one server since nobody will bother reading long lists of servers you like and it will only make the thread boring.

I would introduce the thread with my favorite server, but since I own my own community and only play on its servers, it wouldn’t be very appropriate.


I know, a very cringey logo…

Darkergaming’s ZS I love the old zombie survival and they have that and a really good item shop.


[sp]not really[/sp]

Jokes aside, MoronYard has to be one of the best communities. Also Sassilization was good when it was still around. And ofcourse GModTower

Muffinvibe! <3
Tries to change our views on RP servers.

I love MoronYard too, they had (and still have) some of the most custom servers before coderhire.

Also Serious Roleplaying Hell was very fun and Chiefeh’s TTT server was great. It was like the first real custom TTT server back in 2011.

LT ( littertray ) TTT was a fun server to play on. It’s now in WIP as K9 TTT

Lemonpunch would be my choice been playing there for over 2 months, and I do believe they have the best community management and staff members, along with a great playerbase and events.

moronyard seems to have potential

It died In Nov 2013, but my favourite server was Epsilon Community. They ran a Starship Troopers roleplay, I was with them for about 5 years.

Cibers dark rp is great

Yeah Simplyfrag Gaming’s DarkRP is really good.
And 404s Extreme football throwdown

I love LKS. They like stabbing me in TTT.

I miss ExiledServers and DarklandServers

That logo looks like the owner of Hellzone man!

P21Gaming is good, they have a lot of girls on there for me to sexually harass.

I used to play in Integral Gaming and I think that’s the place where I made most friends I still have on Steam. Left because of bullshit within the community though, however, before the shit happened I’d say that that was the community where I had my best time.

I miss the Darkland servers :frowning:

Also question for some of you, How long has MoronYard" community been here, I’ve seen the name pop up everywhere now.

I enjoy GMod Tower for its gamemodes. They’re fun and easy to play, and I feel it’s a great time killer.

It has it’s problems, but NoxiousNet.

I love lemon punch I’ve been playing here for 5 minutes and my esp is going off the charts!