GMOD Servers That You Absolutely Love!

GMT (Gmod Tower) was good when I last played it.

Free Build and Kill. Favorite server ever. As long as you aren’t an idiot you don’t get banned. Owners are active, plenty of players.

(It’s the one run by O.T.)

Nox is awesome heh. Full of idiots at times or not.

Oh shit, this uses the old ZS system of ‘kill to get weapons’ instead of the credit system. Thanks, gonna have to add this one to my favorites.

O.T banned me for telling a guy to unbindall
then IP banned me from his forums

Yeah, to be quite honest the community there kind of gave me bad vibes.

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Yeah, they’re the only one’s with an even remotely active AS:S server which is hands down one of the best gamemodes of gmod 13.

The Flawless of course :smiley:

I’d say MoronYard due to it being very original and has a lot of great people there.

G-S DarkRP. Great coder runs it, amazing content. Just not enough players! Swing by, im on loads!