Idea hijacked by childabusing dicks. Sorry.

Hands down good idea. You would just need to find a way to actually pull it off.

I’m up for setting up a website with some help from other people. I would be happy to design the website and get the basic structure done, however I would need assistance in the more advanced coding.

If one or two more people are up for this let me know.

there was actually a site that did this. I’m not quite sure what it’s called or if it’s still running, however

So, Yes Good idea.
Meekal, Ill PM you

I am 100% sure there was a website just like this. I remember it a lot.

a friend hosted it for the owner, got mad, and deleted his website

Or for now we can have a thread where we review servers that would work too.

That could work, but I feel the thread would get trolled with unrelated posts.

I can give you some free hosting if you respect it.

Ok, so I had some spare time this evening.

Here an early progress screenshot for this website:

Obviously there’s no name yet. How about we vote on it?

A start would be “Garrys MOD Top 10 Servers”, I’m not very imaginative when it comes to names.

Update, a bit more done.

The buttons are too bland, you should make their text white, or make them images with icons.

Remember this is very early stages, the text changes to white when you hover over them. Adding icons is a good idea.

I need a PHP programmer to help me with the server voting, also maybe a way to integrate the vote system in game with LUA.

If you’re happy to help with this project PM me.

Sorry jenkins but… you sounds like a kid (–> you think garry ban steam accounts LOL) ,you make “retarded” threads ,this idea is not very good i think because people will go “omfg u nub mah server is beter than u”

I think you need to contribute to your ideas if you have some. Look like you tell people to make it for you

Zombie, You are a troll. You should go and lick a pole, quit trolling people and stop being a dick.

I have to agree with Zombie. It looks like Meekal is doing all the work.
It was a good idea but you should contribute.

This is looking great, will contact you on Steam again so I can help :slight_smile:

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GMod Ratings
It’s that simple, no top 10 shit.

This is looking very promising and I’d love to see it in action. :smiley:

Also have a “sponsored” server for whoever pays out the most dough, that way you get to make some cash.

Have a bidding war each month :smile:
Whoever pays the most, gets it :slight_smile:

Lowest possible offer:

No. of views Divided by 100 = xxx.00 = Lowest Offer.

Here’s a live version for you to checkout. We’ve gone with the name GRate for now.