gmod set car's angles

So i’m trying to set my car’s angles
doing this serverside.

function setCarAngle(ply)
	--if !IsValid(ply:GetVehicle()) then return end
	--veh = ply:GetVehicle()
	Entity(185):SetAngles(Angle(90, 90, 90))

yet the car’s angles act like its being set clientside

Try using


Sometimes the physics object of an entity works better than the entity itself for positioning.

local function SetCarAngle(ply)
	local veh = ply:GetVehicle()
	veh:GetPhysicsObject():SetAngles(Angle(90, 90, 90))

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Untested though.

Works on chairs, not cars though

I can weld a prop too the car and change it’s angles and it freeze the prop and it will change the cars angle, other then that idk, still need help

If it appears as though the angle changes for a split second then reverts, you’re applying the change on the client, not the server.

Also, with vehicles, once spawned, you can not change the position or angle… unless you call Spawn on the vehicle again, right after setting the values. This can cause other issues.

Alternatively, you can SetVelocity which does work but can also cause issues…