"Gmod Settings" Missing form start up menu

The “Gmod Settings” title from my Gmod menu is gone. Gmod Settings controls the derma skin and content from other games. I do however have a new title called “extensions” but i want “gmod settings” for a thing i just downloaded called mount 2.

Screenshot of my main menu: http://img685.imageshack.us/i/problem1v.png/

“Gmod Settings” is now “Extensions”

ok, so how do i use mount 2, (a mod for getting content form all sourcemods and source games into gmod)

Apparently you don’t.

At least I haven’t been able to use my mod content in Garry’s Mod after the update. Can’t access any of the content of mods and games including Dark Messiah and Neo Tokyo.

This makes me angry, can’t make comics and poses and other shit now, thanks Garry.

Yeah but wasn’t l4d2 released AFTER the update? because some people still are using mount 2 via gmod settings. :frowning:

I can’t use Mount 2, for some reason the game doesn’t recognize it, or any of the other content, they don’t show up in the extensions list.

It does automatically add Fistfull of Frags and L4D content though.

If you have gm_mount2 installed and it doesn’t work, see the link below.

Awesome, thanks!