Gmod Shark Npc V.3

Finally in the right section…

Garry evidently hates sharks. As you know, my gmod shark npc was broke by the new version of gmod, causing all sorts of glitches.
Another problem being it had a poor quality model. I kind of stopped doing gmod modding because i got bored, + gmod 13 breaking it so much, but im getting back into it, so you may see some more work from me.

Well, Fear no longer!
I am fixing the gmod shark npc as we speak, its got some new things to it, and ile list them:

  1. The model now includes the crysis shark model, due to heavy request

  2. the shark now uses all of it’s attack animations

  3. it is considerably more ferocious, and will do things such as circle player until confronted


  1. Its attack cannot do damage as of now, one of the things that broke in the new update

  2. It’s not that big, mainly because it needs to fit on the skeleton, so i made it big as i can, I’m still trying to work it out.

  3. Animations are a little weird, I’m still workin’ on them


Just wait, im still working it out, fraps is being a dick -_-
Here, have the Landshark, again :v:

im working it on! its a little difficult since its in a odd pose, but i got some coding ready, just gotta get it some animations

Alright. When you are done with it, go ahead and send it back and I’ll give you the textures.

I would love to see the model, I’ve been wanted to make a TTT weapon using sharks for quite some time.

it may be a while until theres huge progress.

the problem is gmod 13 mucked up the code so much. ive been having a hell of a time getting it to this point, and it still has glitches. My codeing understanding isnt that great as my modelling, most of my knowledge comes from doom decorate coding, so yeah, im hoping to update soon though.

Ill I would need is the model, not the code. But good luck with your progress!

Any progress?